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Steve Walsh Tribute track 002 - Jingle instrumental
Steve Walsh Tribute track 001 - Jingle version

Other tracks/Ideas/Accapella remixes (demos only)

Corona - The Rhythm of the Night Acca (Athletic) Remix
Corona - I Don't Wanna Be A Star Acca Remix
My Own Muzik
Cool We Go
Ce Ce Peniston Acca Remix - Things You Do [HardHittaz Demo]

Trax Basix - South Remember
Heartbeat Acca Remix (Inst)
Corona - Magic Touch Acca Remix
Donell Jones - What's Up Lost Niterider Acca Remix (In Radius)
Beats International - Dub Be Good To Me Acca Remix (Lindy Layton) Old demo

Trax Basix - You Know I Need U Tonite Acca Remix
Space NewJack Jam (We Can't Lose/They're Comin') - In Radius [HHz]
Corona - Walking on Music Accapella Remix
Catwalk Blues (Models' Trip Mix) [117 bpm]
Rayvee Dayvee - In Radius/Database Records

The Underground Acca Remix
The Underground Instrumental - Commute Yoself
Special - In Radius Acca (Partial loss) PoolSide Remix
Our Song Acca Remix (Unknown) In Radius
Mighty Real Acca Remix
Yazoo - Don't Go Acca Remix - In Radius

Hey Baby
SOS Band - You're the Finest Acca Rmx ([HHz] Tronix) Attempt
Trax Basix - I Need
Urban (Wild Style) Metro Express Ride - In Radius [HHz Hypnotik]
Back to Basics Track - Struck A Chord

Special? (Inst) - In Radius PoolSide Cut
Love Honey - In Radius
Alexia Acca Remix (Number One) [125bpm]
Latin Quarters
Craig David - Fill Me In Acca (Releg ReMix) - To come

Peech Boys Reprise (Lost - Deep 7 Mix HHz)
Mighty Bachelorz - Tenderness (Lost HHz)
Sun Will Shine - Lost Acca Remix HHz
Creative Force So Good (2007) Acca Remix
Short clip lost Heavy D cut


Anastacia - I'm Outa Love - Acca Shorter Remix (Radio Mix)
Trax Basix - Reworked - Jovonn Instr. Turn and Run Away
Found/Reworked - Trax Basix - How Much?
Music Takes Me Higher Billy Daynja {Heartbeat} Acca Remix
Lost/Reworked - Inner City Ballad - Good Love Acca Remix

Freak You Acca Remix (Part loss - 2006) | Instrumental

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G3 Zone (recovered demo trax) | Basix demo trax | House the way it was | 2007 and pre | Very old G3 Reason 2.5/3/4 and Logic 4.5 trax

TIHWD (This Is How We Do) | The Slow Dance Garage - In The Flo (AM Session) | In Between | Moods Basix | Rainy Nights (Poor) | Must Have Been | True Love | Supreme3 | Time Is Right | Michael Watford Acca Rmx | Urbanized Acca Rmx | Something | I Got


Tracks made using older REASON 2.5, 3 & 4 software.

In Radius

Music making - no more. Tracks on this site date back over 10 years hence an old house style: including: Advanced Dance (Trouble), Four to the Floor, Back to Basix, Soft House and so on.

Recovered tracks from a corrupted drive, costed a bomb.

Have a listen and thanks.

Check this! Alternative how we do - old friend Slice Bandulu! Liking the energy bro! Cool graffiti too.


Malstrom Graintable Synthesier, Subtractor Synthesizer, Redrum Drum Computer, DrRex, NN-XT Sampler + variety of effects processors - Songs arranged by William L. Rayvee Dayvee drums created using Logic Pro 7 - Scott - Database Records.

To retrieve - What a beautiful track from the early 90s on London Pirate Station Dance FM - One of my all time faves, soft house, short unknown clip here.

Also - crazy cool Excel sheet to catalogue your vinyl and most importantly, locate your records/music - Muzik Locator

Reason inspired hardware drawings here made using Word 2007 and Fireworks MX 2004!!