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Steve Walsh Tribute track 002 - Jingle instrumental
Steve Walsh Tribute track 001 - Jingle version

Other tracks/Ideas/Accapella remixes (demos only)

Corona - The Rhythm of the Night Acca (Athletic) Remix
Corona - I Don't Wanna Be A Star Acca Remix
My Own Muzik
Cool We Go
Ce Ce Peniston Acca Remix - Things You Do [HardHittaz Demo]

Trax Basix - South Remember
Heartbeat Acca Remix (Inst)
Corona - Magic Touch Acca Remix
Donell Jones - What's Up Lost Niterider Acca Remix (In Radius)
Beats International - Dub Be Good To Me Acca Remix (Lindy Layton) Old demo

Trax Basix - You Know I Need U Tonite Acca Remix
Space NewJack Jam (We Can't Lose/They're Comin') - In Radius [HHz]
Corona - Walking on Music Accapella Remix
Catwalk Blues (Models' Trip Mix) [117 bpm]
Rayvee Dayvee - In Radius/Database Records

The Underground Acca Remix
The Underground Instrumental - Commute Yoself
Special - In Radius Acca (Partial loss) PoolSide Remix
Our Song Acca Remix (Unknown) In Radius
Mighty Real Acca Remix
Yazoo - Don't Go Acca Remix - In Radius

Hey Baby
SOS Band - You're the Finest Acca Rmx ([HHz] Tronix) Attempt
Trax Basix - I Need
Urban (Wild Style) Metro Express Ride - In Radius [HHz Hypnotik]
Back to Basics Track - Struck A Chord

Special? (Inst) - In Radius PoolSide Cut
Love Honey - In Radius
Alexia Acca Remix (Number One) [125bpm]
Latin Quarters
Craig David - Fill Me In Acca (Releg ReMix) - To come

Peech Boys Reprise (Lost - Deep 7 Mix HHz)
Mighty Bachelorz - Tenderness (Lost HHz)
Sun Will Shine - Lost Acca Remix HHz
Creative Force So Good (2007) Acca Remix
Short clip lost Heavy D cut

More recent

Anastacia - I'm Outa Love - Acca Shorter Remix (Radio Mix)
Trax Basix - Reworked - Jovonn Instr. Turn and Run Away
Found/Reworked - Trax Basix - How Much?
Music Takes Me Higher Billy Daynja {Heartbeat} Acca Remix
Lost/Reworked - Inner City Ballad - Good Love Acca Remix

Freak You Acca Remix (Part loss - 2006) | Instrumental

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G3 Zone (recovered demo trax) | Basix demo trax | House the way it was | 2007 and pre | Very old G3 Reason 2.5/3/4 and Logic 4.5 trax

TIHWD (This Is How We Do) | The Slow Dance Garage Tune - In The Flo (AM Session) | In Between
| Moods Basix | Rainy Nights (Poor) | Must Have Been | True Love | Supreme3 | Time Is Right
Michael Watford Acca Rmx | Urbanized Acca Rmx | Something | I Got

We Reminisce (Lost Arrangement)
Set It Out (Lost Arrangement)
Euro Lites
Just The Way It Is (Lost Arrangement)

Album (not available)

Lost Zone + Play Area trax (PA) (tracks with lost samples or more demos)

Luv Dancin | Tuff Call | Look Who's Talking (HHz) | Traffik NY mix | Sounds Tru | Exp014c(M3b).mp3 (Missing U orig) | Exp019d(M2)(RM5).mp3 (HHz)

Have to say 001: inradius is done with making musik. It's been a long time since making something. There may be more very few recovered old tracks (roughly 2003 +) to post. Hope you like the trax.

Have to say 002: The track 'Special' is an ultimate fave. If there is to be other faves 'TIHWD' is very close. THIWD is a very basic sounding but pushed to the limit track. The Apple G3's processing power was straining to the max believe it or not, as basic as it sounds. The track was functioning on an edge but finally managed to record with no glitches. Definitely a fave.

Have to say 003: I can't play keyboard, seriously, and listening back to the tracks I have surprised myself. Put me on a stage with a keyboard and I'd be dodging flying bottles and cans and running out the back exit into the alley quicktime, I kid you not.

I am confident by myself if I try to make music. Obviously sequencer software helps profoundly. Musicianship skills - amateur but I've knocked a few good basic tracks up I reckon. Plenty of people enjoy bedroom studio production and I jumped on this trend in the 90s with hardware. Some hardware I still have but my equipment is now what I call the 'scrapyard' with the advent of computers, sequencer software and plugins. How the heck this stuff is created is mindbending. Great appreciation for programmers, particularly Reason which is an extremely solid unit. I also like Logic which definitely has a different sound, possibly fractionally clearer.

Enjoy the music (about 2003 -2008 + some recent edits)

Tracks made using older REASON 2.5, 3 & 4 software.

In Radius

Music making - no more. Tracks on this site date back over 10 years hence an old house style: including: Advanced Dance (Trouble), Four to the Floor, Back to Basix, Soft House and so on.

Recovered tracks from a corrupted drive, costed a bomb.

Have a listen and thanks.

Check this! Alternative how we do - old friend Slice Bandulu! Liking the energy bro! Cool graffiti too.


Malstrom Graintable Synthesier, Subtractor Synthesizer, Redrum Drum Computer, DrRex, NN-XT Sampler + variety of effects processors - Songs arranged by William L. Rayvee Dayvee drums created using Logic Pro 7 - Scott - Database Records.

What a beautiful track from the early 90s on London Pirate Station Dance FM - One of my all time faves, soft house, short unknown clip here. Tape recording off (no longer).

Also - crazy cool Excel sheet to catalogue your vinyl and most importantly, locate your records/music - Muzik Locator

Reason inspired hardware drawings here made using Word 2007 and Fireworks MX 2004!!